YOU are in charge of your destiny in Delta City to become the biggest Corp Exec or Crime boss you can be.

Take over the city by becoming the biggest property owner with the largest number of Denizens under your employ.

Players collect an arsenal of Denizens to help them achieve their goals through battles and hostile takeovers.

Buildings can be bought, staked, taken over and upgraded to earn in-game rent using blockchain technology.

In Delta City, winner takes all.

Players will need to acquire a Denizen in order to start participating in battles, undertake hostile takeovers, or defend your buildings.

To start earning in-game rent, player stake their buildings in game and station Denizens there to defend it.

Denizens and Buildings can be bought from the marketplace. An allocation can also be minted by staking OCP.

An initial exclusive release of 10 Buildings and 10 Denizens will be taking place on NFTB Launch in early October.

More details on this will be coming soon.

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Delta City follows a turn based RPG battle system that we all know and love, where Denizens are your fighters.

There are 6 classes of Denizens (Rocker, Enforcer, Medtech, Netrunner, Nomad, Techie), and each one has 4 stats - Health, Skill, Speed and Grit.

A Denizen’s combat stats are dependant on two variables: Stats and their Gear.

Each Denizen has 4 Gear Slots: Optics, Headpiece, Right Hand, Left Hand.

Each Gear Slot adds stats depending on the class of the Gear, and gear used by the same class of Denizen grants additional bonuses.

Denizens gain XP by winning PVE battles and by undertaking ‘Hostile Takeovers’.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive battle guide.

There are 9 Building classes in Delta City: Slum, Residential, Retail, Industrial, Office, Highrise, Apartment, Naming Rights, X type.

Once a building is obtained, players stake it in the game to start earning its base rent.

The building type, upgrades, faction and number of Denizens stationed there will determine how much rent it generates.

A slum with no Denizens stationed there may generate $0.5 a day in rent, whereas the same building with a Turret upgrade and 1 Denizen stationed there may generate $3.

There will be a total of 10,000 buildings in Delta City, all of which can be upgraded.

Building classes include - Slum, Residential, Retail, Apartments, Industrial, Offices, Highrises and Naming Rights Buildings.

After staking a building, players will need to place Denizens there to defend it. Building upgrades can also be purchased to increase defence.

An undefended building can be occupied by any other player’s Denizens, in which case the rent will also transfer to the new occupier.

Staked buildings which are occupied by another player cannot be unstaked unless it is re-taken.

To earn the rent back, you will need to defeat the occupiers with your Denizens and station them there.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive Buildings guide.

USDO is a BEP-20 stablecoin which is pegged to the US dollar. Unlike other in-game currencies, USDO is an actual stablecoin with liquidity in the real world.

OCP is the governance token for Omni Consumer Protocols, the DAO which owns and operates many DeFi applications including Delta City.

You can find out more about OCP via the following links:

Telegram - https://t.me/ocpcorp
Twitter - https://twitter.com/omnic_pro
Medium - https://medium.com/omni-consumer-protocols

Discord is the place! You can join our community here - https://discord.gg/8Y5jvjFgsC

Delta City is not only an entertaining and accessible game where players can take real ownership over the assets which make up the game world, but fits within a broader decentralised finance revolution which is taking place.

For the first time ever in an NFT game, the in-game currency is a real stablecoin which has real world utility and liquidity.

Players can not only have a great time, but learn about the ins and outs of decentralised finance to create financial freedom for themselves.

The assets in the game will eventually be accepted as collateral to be borrowed against - ultimately giving them more utility than many other NFTs on the market.

This is achievable because Delta City is part of the OCP ecosystem - a DeFi conglomerate with multiple applications including lending/borrowing, trading, farming and more.